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Property Details for 2900 Sequoia Way

  • Address: 2900 Sequoia Way
  • Neighborhood: --
  • City: Chemainus
  • Province: British Columbia
  • Postal code: V0R 1K3
  • ID: --
  • Listing agent: --
  • Brokered by: --
  • Virtual tour: --
  • Source: --
  • List price: --
  • Property status: Unavailable
  • List date: June 1, 2013
  • Bedrooms: --
  • Bathrooms: --
  • Property type: --
  • Style: --
  • Square feet: --
  • Year built: --
  • Taxes: --

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Rate type Variable
Amortization 25 years
Rate hold 120 days
Rate term 5 years
Lump sum 20%
Increase monthly payment 20%
Down payment (20%) $
Loan amount $
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