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Worst Home Selling Mistakes

A home is likely your most valuable asset, so you want to ensure you sell for top dollar right? Here are the some of worst home selling mistakes to avoid.

Watch Out for Hefty Mortgage Penalties from the Big Banks

If you decide to get your mortgage though one of the big banks, be sure to ask about mortgage penalties. Watch out for hefty mortgage penalties from the big banks.

Infographic – 84% of Ontarians Choosing Buying over Renting

Infographic - 84% of Ontarians Choosing Buying over Renting: Ipsos Reid Poll. Our infographic shows the most interesting findings from this poll.

Exterior Improvements That Get You More Bang for Your Buck

First impressions are everything – in dating, job interviews, and especially real estate. Exterior improvements that get you more bang for your buck.

Band of Canada Leaves Interest Rates at 1%

A change in interest rates is looking less and less likely anytime soon. Band of Canada leaves interest rates at 1%, lowers GDP growth for this year.

What Can You Do If Your Mortgage Is In Arrears and You Can’t Pay It?

You should do everything possible to keep your pristine credit rating intact. What can you do if your mortgage is in arrears and you can’t pay it?

How to Buy a New House When You Already Own One

Buying first presents another problem – What if you can’t sell your home at all? Let’s take a look at your options how to buy a new house when you already own one.

Worst Home Buying Mistakes

Before your plunk down your hard-earned money, here are some costly homebuying mistakes to be avoided. We describe some the worst home buying mistakes.

Improvements That Can Devalue Your Property’s Value

While renovations like a new kitchen and bathroom generally provide a positive return on investment, there are some improvements that can devalue a property’s value.

Minum Cove, Australia Home by European Concepts

Minim Cove is one of Western Australia’s most sought-after residential estates. Check out the Minum Cove, Australia Home by European Concepts.