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Only 17.1% of Vancouver and Toronto Condo Owners are Investors: Infographic

CMHC’s recent survey on condominium owners in Toronto and Vancouver sheds some light on who are snapping up condo units at a record pace. Our infographic illustrates their findings.

Closing the deal with the right offer

Closing the deal with the right offer. It’s important to discuss your offer in advance with your realtor to ensure you maximize your chances of acceptance.

Mortgage Options and Costs

Financing your dream home is so crucial, you should take as much time as possible to familiarize yourself with mortgage options and costs.

How to choose the right house

When you buy a house you should feel financially at ease that you’re purchasing a home you can afford. Tips on how to choose the right house.

Are you Ready to be a Homeowner

It’s important to determine whether you’re ready to take on the responsibilities that come with homeownership. So are you ready to be a homeowner?

Top Renovations to Help Boost Rental Income

Becoming a landlord is a great way to help subsidize your mortgage. Let’s take a look at the top renovations to help boost rental income.

Home Selling Money Saving Tips

Selling a home is a large scaled transaction with great expenses. Here are some simple home selling money saving tips.

Home Buying Money Saving Tips

With home prices reaching the stratosphere in many cities across the country. Here are some simple home buying money saving tips.

One Year Out: 3 Credit Score Fixes to Make Before Applying for a Mortgage

Planning to make your move in the housing market? One Year Out: 3 Credit Score Fixes to Make Before Applying for a Mortgage.

Property Assessment – How Much is My Property Worth

Each year property owners across the country receive their property assessment. Your property assessment answers the fundamental question, how much is my property worth?