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Banks Lower Prime Rate to 2.85%, Pocket 0.1% Difference

The big banks took their sweet time, but prime rate has finally been lowered. The problem is, it’s not by as much most expected. Prime rate has been reduced by 15 basis points from 3 percent to 2.85 percent. Although some homeowners will save money, it’s not the 25 basis point rate cut most were […]

Interest rate announcement – January 2015

The Bank of Canada Lowers Interest Rates on Fears of Lower Oil Prices The Bank of Canada (BoC) sent the loonie on a freefall today when it announced it’s cutting interest rates. The overnight lending rate is being lower by 25 basis points to 0.75 percent. This marks the first time in over four years […]

Does it Make Sense to Rent or Buy in Toronto?

  With Toronto home prices soaring into the stratosphere, many Torontonians are deciding to sit on the sidelines and rent instead. This has helped boost Toronto’s condo rental market. Despite the Bank of Canada’s warning the Canadian housing market is 30 percent overvalued, Toronto’s condo boom shows no signs of letting up.   According to […]

How Oil Prices Affects the Real Estate Industry

At the beginning of 2014, nobody could have predicted the tumble in oil prices we experienced in the latter half of the year. Oil fell from its peak of over $100 a barrel to under $50 a barrel in a matter of months. Tough times look to be ahead for Alberta’s once-booming oil and gas […]

4 Ways to Get Your Finances in Shape in the New Year

Have you set your New Year’s Resolution yet for 2015? While many people think of getting in better shape as visiting the gym more often, have you ever consider giving your financials a much-needed workout? $20,000 of outstanding debt on your credit card is a lot like carrying around an extra 50 pounds of fat, […]

Outlook of the Vancouver Housing Market in 2015

Greater Vancouver still held onto the distinct honour as Canada’s most expensive real estate market in 2014. The average home price reached $838,400 in 2014, an increase from $781,517 in 2013.   Vancouver house prices are predicted to appreciate 3 per cent in 2015, outpacing the Canadian average of only 2.5 per cent, while unit […]

Outlook of the Calgary Housing Market in 2015

Calgary house prices are predicted to appreciate 3 per cent in 2015 to an average of $497,500, outpacing the Canadian average of only 2.5 per cent! The real estate market in Calgary could be in for a bumpy ride in 2015. The risk of rising interest rates coupled with falling oil prices, threaten could spell […]

Outlook of the Toronto Housing Market in 2015

Toronto house prices to outpace country once again in 2015 All signs pointing to interest rates heading upward, but the Toronto housing market looks to continue its strong performance in 2015. Despite the gong show at City Hall that shone the limelight on Toronto for all the wrong reasons, with a new mayor leading the […]

One-minute drive can save you thousands

There is no doubt that living in one of Canada’s big cities is not a cheap way of living. The average cost of a detached home in Vancouver’s downtown area is now $1.55 million! Finding a similar property for sale in Toronto is no different with the average price of $1.22 million. Given these prices […]

Modern Olive House by LOG-URBIS

LOCATION is on the island of Pag. A house embedded in the southwestern slope on the coast of the Stara Novalja Bay is almost invisible from the sea. An appropriate setting within the local context, from the basic concept all the way to the details, is what makes this family house unique. THE CONCEPT of […]