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3 Tips to Save on Hydro This Winter

With the temperature plummeting outside, it’s only natural your energy usage will increase. It’s important to get ready for wintertime before the frosty temperatures arrive. With energy prices on the rise, an energy efficient home is top of mind for many homebuyers. There are many things you can do in the fall the prepare your […]

5 Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

With the holiday season once again upon us, buying a home is probably the last thing on your mind. Before you put your house hunting plans on hold, there are many good reasons to buy a home during the holidays. If you’re sick and tired of coming up short on bidding wars, the holidays can […]

The Biggest Mortgage Headlines of 2014

The factors behind your mortgage rate Penelope Graham, Editor, RateSupermarket.ca MoneyWise It has been a busy year for Canada’s housing market – and we don’t just mean the rampant bidding wars erupting in the nation’s hottest urban markets. The economic factors affecting both fixed and variable-rate pricing both experienced their fair share of ups and […]

4 Gift Ideas to Create a Smarter Home

There’s a revolution coming: the smart home revolution. Although we may not have flying cars like in the movie, Back to the Future,  we’re partway there with smart devices. Smart devices are designed to make our lives easier. Instead of wasting time adjusting your thermostat, you can adjust it while you’re at the office with […]

Decorating for Christmas? Why you Should Think Twice, If Your Home Is For Sale

December used to be a slow month for real estate. Not anymore. In cities like Toronto and Vancouver where there is a chronic shortage of single family homes, many buyers will go house hunting  right up until Christmas in hopes of finding their dream home. December remains a decent time for sellers to list their […]

Prince Philip Home by Thellend Fortin Architectes

About Thellend Fortin Architectes This project involved the expansion of a spacious single-story Outremont residence built in the 1960s. Situated on a site with a steep incline and majestic view, the two-floor expansion was designed to offer a generous window on the horizon. The architectural concept involved the addition of living spaces in the form […]

Oakville, Milton and District Property Sales Chilled in November

In recent reports from The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), stats are showing that property sales showed a decrease by 13.2 percent in November 2014 when comparing to November 2013. The total Property sales were estimated at 513 whereas November 2013 saw 591 homes sold in the Oakville, Milton and District. Another […]

Interest Rates Hold Still at 1% Bank of Canada Announces

With the holiday season once again upon us, Bank of Canada governor Stepehen Poloz has decided not to tinker with interest rates.

FINNE Architects Designs the Mazama house

FINNE Architects Designs the Mazama house which was carefully placed in a copse of trees at the easterly end of a large meadow.

Shelley Point Luxurious Holiday Home by SAOTA

Located in Shelley Point on the West Coast Peninsula is home to this luxurious holiday home is designed by SAOTA.